How Do I Paint If I’m Blind?

Well, how I paint is a great question. Here are some of my processes:

  • When I do the sky, I first wet the paper and then go over with a brush. It helps control the paint from bleeding.
  • I then use the ends of my brushes to mark where things are, such as the horizon line.
  • I use pipe cleaners to mark sections off.
  • I use masking tape for marking sections. When you pull it off, the paper is left white.
  • All artists use masking, but it is especially beneficial for me. If I am painting a very small section red and want to paint the rest green, I first paint in the red section with the masking. When that is dry, I use a large brush to paint in the green. Once that is dry, I use rubber cement to pick up and lift up the masking. It leaves that small section white to then paint red.
  • People ask me how I paint my trees. I simply use a sponge, which works great.